Supermarket Case

Bill in office03In January of 2013, Guillermo Schnaider and Evelyn Levine Solis successfully defended a client, a supermarket, in a case tried in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Central District. The plaintiff is a man employed by a vendor who was at the premises of the defendant installing security surveillance cameras. He fell from a ladder approximately 10 feet high onto a tile floor. The plaintiff claimed that he fell because of the activities of employees of the defendant who were hosing down the tile floor.

Three months after the accident, the plaintiff suffered a Evelyn office03ruptured subdural aneurysm and spent approximately three weeks in the hospital, a portion of that time in intensive care. The plaintiff argued that the ruptured aneurysm resulted from the fall from the ladder. The medical bills exceeded $400,000.


On the eve of trial, the settlement demand was $2.2 million. The settlement offer was $100,000 with an indication that $200,000 would be paid to settle the case.

After seven and a half days of trial in front of a jury, the trial court granted the defendant’s motion for non-suit.